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design example 1 design example 2 design example 3
These screenshots show the optional GUI of J2ME Polish in action. These pictures show the same application with different designs on a Nokia Series 60 phone. Absolutely no changes were made in the source code of the application. Please note the usage of a bitmap font on the screenshot on the right: with J2ME Polish you can use bitmap fonts instead of the usual "system", "proportional" or "monospace" fonts. You can convert and use any true type font with the provided font-editor.

The same application on a Motorola phone design example 2 on Motorola design example 3 on Motorola
The same application on a Motorola V600 phone.

The same application on a Sony-Ericsson phone design example 2 on Sony-Ericsson design example 3 on Sony-Ericsson
Once more the same application - this time on a Sony Ericsson K700 phone.

J2ME Polish makes it easy to adjust the design to specific devices or device groups. You can try completely different designs just by using a different resources-folder. For the application screen-shots a simple application is used, which just shows a main menu with the standard javax.microedition.lcdui.List class.

A Design Featuring a Turtle

enough design enough design with menu open
The enough design uses two columns and a transparent menu-bar.
Show polish.css
Download resources.

A Barbie Design

barbie design barbie design with menu open
The barbie design uses the after attribute for the focused-style.
Show polish.css
Download resources.

GUI Items

J2ME Polish supports all MIDP items, e.g. the choice-group and the gauge item:
Gauge and ChoiceGroup.

The text- and date-input fields can be layouted to get a clear and good looking form. This example uses - as every other one on this page - only the standard MIDP GUI widgets. The programmer does not need to learn a new API.
TextField and DateField in action. The label and the textfield are on the same height.
In this example the label and the input text are set on one height, this makes the design much clearer and calm.

Custom Items, Backgrounds and Borders

The GUI J2ME Polish can be extended easily, so you can use custom items, backgrounds and borders in your application:
a custom background a custom border

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